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Electro House (or, shortly, Electro) is a fusion genre of House music and Electro, with the influence of indie rock. Stylistically, it combines the four to the floor beats commonly found in house music with harmonically rich analogue or digital basslines, abrasive high-pitched leads and the occasional piano or string riff. The tempo of Electro House ranges approximately from 120 to 135 bpm.


The style is considered to have originated in mid-2005.[citation needed] From the point of origin, electro house developed various subgenres of its own, such as dirty electro, looptronic, electrance, electrotech. Electro House also played a major role in a formation of Electro pop music.

The use of the word Electro to describe this style of modern House music is contentious, and creates an ambiguity between Electro House and classic Electro, mostly because both styles sometimes share common sounding characteristics and similar tempo speed.

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