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Deepsky / Biography


From Los Angeles, Jason Blum the Electronic producer behind the Deepsky sound - is a New Mexico native who has produced world-class music for nearly 15 years. His style and dedication has pushed Deepsky to the forefront of Progressive dance music. Even Deepsky's earliest recordings for the seminal independent labels Rampant and Fragrant Music remain highly sought after by DJs and fans alike, and Deepsky's relentless, high-energy live performances have garnered critical acclaim worldwide.

Jason formed Deepsky with former member J. Scott G. after the two met at the University of New Mexico through mutual college friends. They initially came together as rave promoters and organized some of the first dance music events in New Mexico, but quickly realized that their passion lay not in organizing raves but in the music itself. Deepsky collected a formidable arsenal of studio equipment over the next decade and brought it to bear on a wide range of successful singles and remixes. Some of their high-profile remixes includes Progressive treatments of tracks for Madonna, Seal, David Bowie, Paul Oakenfold, America, and The Crystal Method.

J. Scott G. left the group in November 2006. Jason Blum continues to produce and perform under the Deepsky name.

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