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Better Late Than Never by Lange

  • Label: Maelstrom
  • Released: Monday Feb 25, 2008
  • Unmixed LP
  • EAN: 5050072506509
  • As Lange celebrates 10th years of producing music, ‘Better Late Than Never’ is the much anticipated artist album showcasing new material of Lange ‘classics’ from the past decade onwards.Having produced an incredible 20 UK top 40 hits, Lange has been responsible for countless trance anthems including ‘Drifting Away’ and ‘Another You, Another Me’. Parts of the album nods towards Lange’s past triumphs, rammed with classic Lange releases and remixes such as ‘Happiness Happening’ and Lange’s HUGE remix of ‘Protect Your Mind’ by DJ Sakin & Friends.The long-awaited album is a great reflection of the DJ’s past and present successes, highlighting Lange’s keen ability to innovate and evolve within the Trance scene, defining yet another chapter of Lange’s astonishing career.Better Late Than Never contains 12 of his new tracks plus 9 of his best remixes.
Better Late Than Never Cover
Disk 1
by Lange released by Maelstrom
by Lange presents Firewall released by Maelstrom
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